Meeting Conversation

Preliminary Discussions

  1. What is something for which you’d like to give thanks to God?—something He is doing in your life or something about His character/who He is.
  2. What is something difficult or challenging in your life for which we can pray? Or what is something difficult or challenging in your community or in someone else’s life?
  3. What can we do to help meet the needs just expressed and/or any other needs God is placing on our hearts?

Previous Scripture Follow-up

  1. Very briefly review our previous story. Have someone tell it in their own words in short form--just the main points.
  2. How did it go as you obeyed/applied last meeting’s story in your life?
  3. How did it go as you shared our last story and discussed it with others?

New Scripture

  1. Read or listen to the new passage a few times, and then practice telling it in your own words. Have one person lead out, and have other group members help if any major parts are forgotten. Have at least a few people try.
  2. Ask discovery questions...
    1. Some common questions:
      1. What does this story teach us about God?
      2. What does it teach us about people?
      3. What does this story say about what we should do or how we should live?
    2. If your group is having a hard time with these questions, consider asking:
      1. What is this story about?
      2. What part of the story seems most important to you?
      3. What part of the story do you particularly like or dislike?
      4. Are there any good examples or bad examples in this story?
    3. Ask the obedience questions like:
      1. “How can you apply this story in your life? In what specific way will you apply this story in the next few days or week?”
      2. “How can you obey this section of God’s Word?”
      3. “With this passage in view, what do you need to do differently?”
  3. Develop specific “I will” statements, and have someone in the group write down everyone’s “I will” statements/commitments to obedience.
  4. With whom can you share this story and discuss it in the same pattern that we have just done?